Life Transitions

In many of our experiences, change and personal growth happens inside of us as we naturally transition from one milestone to another.  Even though these stages of life are expected as normal life experiences, we may have trouble adjusting and experience a sense of loss that stalls the process. Certain stages are much harder to adjust to than may have been expected such as a new marriage, the birth of child, “coming out”, moving, empty nest, and retirement.  We find ourselves feeling confused, sad or lost during the harder transitions and feel our dreams are not being fulfilled as we wanted.

Sometimes life doesn’t go our way, our marriage becomes troubled and we may separate or divorce.  These transitions are difficult to accept as they intensely disrupt our life plan.  We may find changes with our children to be a struggle as they move through certain milestones, enter adolescents, leave home for college or get married.  These are big adjustments for parents and can cause us to lose our sense of self or identity as these relationships naturally change.   If we are trying to live more genuinely and open by “coming out”, we can feel isolated and frightened.  We may need support to have the courage to face what is ahead of us in this process.  Many of the transitions we experience involve grieving losses in order to embrace the next phase of our life and a way of living never before considered.

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